Placemats Plus Service
Serving: Bergen, Essex, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, Union and Warren counties


Diner Placemat advertising in North Jersey

“I opened my new business last year on a very limited budget. I’d seen the placemats in a local diner and called them. Placemat advertising made sense to me and was affordable. Best thing I could have done! I collected 17 of my placemat coupons my very first month!”
S.G.H. Sussex Co.
“I’ve been with Placemats Plus Service for over 5 years now, that say’s it all.”
I. W. Bergen Co.
“We use coupons to track our sales and pick our target areas for our advertising based on the coupons we collect. Their 6 month cycle is a perfect trial period to see if an area is good for us.”
N.B.I. Passaic Co.
“As a Realtor I need people to know who I am so I brand all my advertising with my picture. Placemats Plus Service prints in full color. My customers recognize me from my placemat ad.”
C.L. Union Co.
“Year after year when I do the math, nothing beats the value of my advertising with Placemats Plus Service. I’m seen on hundreds of thousands of placemats every 6 months in the areas where I want to be seen.”
C.A.S. Bergen Co.
“The price is right. I looked around and simply can not get the volume of advertising I get for the length of time I get it with Placemats Plus Service with any other type of advertising. I can change my ads to reflect my different seasonal services and the ads always look great!”
F.C.L. Passaic Co.
“My small business looks like one of the Big guys on a Placemats Plus Placemat and, with their exclusivity, I can block out all my competition in my targeted advertising areas.”
R.A.O. Morris Co.
“Our company provides county-wide service and we want everyone to know about it. Placemats Plus Service prints over one million (1,000,000) placemats every 6 months in our County. For the price we pay annually, the ROI is undeniable. Only one thing to say about diner Placemat advertising, It works.”
A.F.L. Morris Co.